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on: December 11, 2019, 01:47:52 PM
Patch Notes Released [11/7/2019]

Fixed Token Foods - food status retains after death.
Fixed Warper Louyang Dungeon Bug
Added 7 Days Halter Box (Cash Shop)
Updated Zeny Gacha Prizes (Check in-game for Prize list)
Added New Costumes on Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune rewards is now viewable (with or without a fortune coin)
Added 3 & 7 Days VIP to Battle Pass Shop (Re-Up)
Added C. Vicious Mind Aura to Battle Pass Shop
Nerfed Gate of Odin Monsters damage
Increase Gate of Odin Monsters Crystal Drop from 2.5% to 4%
Fixed Minor Bugs
Fixed Latency and Lag problems

Gefenia 1 is now enabled (Added to the Warper NPC)
Thanatos Tower Quest is enabled
Added Hot-blooded Headband Quest
Added Bounty Room
Added Bounty Quests
- Daily Quest 1 & 2
- Weekly Quest 1 & 2
*Rewards can be seen in-game

You can now start patching your clients